Why we said that glass is an irreplaceable wall material for high-rise buildings?

As a building material, glass has four characteristics: transparency, high strength, light weight and durability.And other wall material, cannot have these characteristics at the same time.
1. Glass is a transparent material.The visible light transmittance of float glass is 80%
2. Glass is a high-strength lightweight material, but it has a high tensile strength.In common wall materials, its tensile strength is second only to steel, far higher than other materials.

3.The bending strength of glass sheet is very high, especially the toughened glass.the thickness of glass is very thin, usually 3mm~10mm.Even with hollow glass or laminated hollow glass, made of 2 or 3 pieces of glass, the weight of unit area is 0.3 KN / ㎡ ~ 0.7 KN / ㎡, is far less than the concrete wall of 3.5 KN / ㎡ ~ 5.0 KN / ㎡.

4.The weight of glass is about 1/8~1/5 that of brick wall and concrete wall. The light weight of glass wall makes it the choice of wall material for high-rise buildings and super-high-rise buildings.

Although metallic plate also according with the requirement of light qualitative wall body, metallic plate is opaque, do not have transparent, glittering and translucent, elegant simple sense, so they don't get the favour of architect in super tall building.

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