How to remove the frost from windshield quickly?

1.Don't close the Windows tightly when driving in the city or on slow roads.

2.When running at high speed, it is too noisy to open the Windows, and the cold air will feel the low temperature inside the car.If it is really cold, you can turn on the blower and select the heating function;Do not select the windscreen direction when selecting the outlet position, and switch the inner and outer circulation to the outer circulation.When using hot air, do not use internal circulation, or the heat is more and more, in the windshield condensation after the formation of fog will only be more and more.

3.Use refrigeration function,Turn on the air conditioning A/C switch, adjust the outlet to the windshield position, turn on the blower and adjust the wind speed according to the frost condition (the more frost, the higher the wind speed should be).Within five seconds, the frost will melt away quickly.

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